Michelle Yang President  

Michelle Yang


Valeria Wei HEAD OF china division

Valeria Wei

HEAD OF china division


Vantage's team is proudly multicultural. We are internationally educated and professionally tested.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds of film producing, entertainment laws, communications/PR and cinema academic studies. With professional experience in a range of A-lister film companies and organizations such as Paradigm Agency, IM Global, CAA, Hill+Knowlton, LA Film International, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles,  University of Southern California, and media companies such as China Central Television (CCTV), Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, BTV. We equip ourselves with extensive experience in film industry and entertainment business, as well as rich knowledge in Chinese and American cultures. We endeavor to provide our clients with top-level film consulting and management services, ranging from production, business management, public relations and entertainment law consulting. 

Vantage Cooperating Attorney

Our cooperating attorneys are the leading entertainment lawyers in Hollywood.